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    New School Uniform

    I think we all agree that our wonderful children look so smart in their new school uniforms.

    Having a uniform is a first for St. Edan's.

    Harvesting at St. Edan's N.S.

    After a busy school year harvesting and lots of watering over the summer holidays, the crops are now ready to harvest. The children in sixth class are working really hard keeping an eye on the crops, watering them and harvesting as soon as anything is ready. We have enjoyed courgettes, potatoes, tomatoes, peas and beetroot so far. We are still waiting on the beans and kale to crop.

  • Activities

    Education Doesn't Just Happen in the Classroom

    Sing Out Loud!

    We have taken part in this concert since 2016. It is a wonderful opportunity to allow the pupils to perform in The National Opera House, Wexford. The children get to perform a range of different songs from different musical genres with different schools from around the county. It is also a fantastic opportunity for them to see other artists perform and appreciate their amazing talents.

    School Tours

    Each year tours are chosen carefully to allow the children to have exciting experiences outside the classroom. This year the children in the junior room are going to Secret Valley and the senior room are going to the IOAC.

    Small Schools Soccer Blitz

    Each year, a number of similar sized schools play in this competition. As well as developing their sports skills, it gives the pupils an opportunity to socialise with other schools. St. Edan's N.S. took home the trophy this year. We are delighted and so proud of all our students.

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